Lily Arkwright Warranty

Lily Arkwright produce exquisite lab grown fine jewellery, including Charles and Colvard Forever One Moissanite, certified lab diamonds and Chatham lab grown precious gemstones, including Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires & Diamonds. We stand behind every product we sell and warrant that all jewellery items will be free from any manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. This is in addition to the independent limited lifetime warranties offered by Chatham, Charles & Colvard and our own brand Lily Arkwright moissanite.

Lily Arkwright offer a 12 month warranty on all of our jewellery, and in the event that there is ever a problem with your jewellery, it can be posted back to our offices for inspection and repair. Any defects resulting from manufacturing faults will be repaired or replaced at no charge (shipping not included). Any damage caused as a result of normal wear-and-tear will be repaired by our in house jewellery workshop at very competitive pricing rates. The warranty covers but is not limited to the loss of smaller Moissanite side stones up to 4.5mm (damage is not covered, but can still be repaired).

If you are a customer of Lily Arkwright and are in need of repair services, please email including your order number (if you do not know your order number, please include the name of the purchaser), and we will be happy to assist you further.

It does not void independent Moissanite, lab diamond & Chatham Warranties to have a local jeweller resize your jewellery, but if in the unlikely event any problems arise from the sizing of your ring, either, the jeweller who sized the ring will need to repair it, or there would be a fee to have our jewellers repair any damage.

We highly recommend insuring your Lily Arkwright jewellery.

Lily Arkwright Repair Service

We offer very competitive pricing for repairs of jewellery purchased from Lily Arkwright that is no longer under warranty.  This service is offered as a courtesy to our customers. If your jewellery is in the need of repair, please contact us with an explanation of repair, and please include your order number or the name of person who purchased the jewellery. We will provide an estimate where possible, but at times we may need the item to be sent back before we can accurately assess any repair.

Lily Arkwright Resize Service

Lily Arkwright offer one free ring resize service (excluding postage) on all ring purchases, this is valid for 1 month from when you receive your order.

We also offer very competitive pricing on ring resizing should you need this at a later date. Postage is to be covered by the customer on all resizing services.


Charles & Colvard Limited Lifetime Warranty

Charles & Colvard, Ltd. offers consumers a limited lifetime warranty that all Charles & Colvard created Moissanite, will maintain its fire, and brilliance for the lifetime of the owner.

In the unlikely event that the optical properties of  fire and brilliance alter in a Charles & Colvard created Moissanite, the jewellery, along with the original receipt, should be returned to Lily Arkwright, and the defective jewels will be replaced with a Charles & Colvard created Moissanite of an equivalent value.

Charles & Colvard is dedicated to creating and delivering socially-responsible gemstones that lasts a lifetime. Every moissanite stone is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and limited warranty, so you can enjoy your moissanite with confidence.

Lily Arkwright guarantees that every Charles & Colvard created Moissanite jewel is an original Charles & Colvard product which has been manufactured in a Charles & Colvard controlled facilities by highly-skilled specialists, using the latest technology. Moissanite stones are released for sale only after having met stringent quality control specifications.

Chatham Lifetime Warranty

For your peace of mind, each Chatham® lab grown gemstone comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a Certificate of Authenticity. Chatham will gladly repair or replace your stone at no charge if it should chip or break under ordinary circumstances.

Simply return your stone (quoting your order reference number) to Lily Arkwright and we will make any necessary arrangements.

Lily Arkwright Warranty

All Lily Arkwright moissanite stones are covered by a lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace your stone at no charge if it should chip or break under ordinary circumstances.

Simply return your stone/ring (quoting your order reference number) to Lily Arkwright and we will make any necessary arrangements.

Please register your Lily Arkwright warranty here.


We regret that our warranties do not cover theft, disappearance or the loss of optical properties of fire and brilliance due to intentional damage such as scraping, breakage or chipping or defects as a result of abuse, misuse, loss, or theft of your Lily Arkwright moissanite gem(s).